About Us

Azar Medical Clinic

Azar Medical Clinic is an integrated health care clinic focusing on the health needs of patients.

Azar Medical Clinic provides a broad range of services including: Family Doctor, Pediatric Care, Minor Surgeries, Women’s Health, Immunization, Walk-in Services and much more.

Additionally, Azar Medical Clinic makes use of fully paperless Electronic systems for all medical records which maximizes efficiency, and reduces environmental waste.


Vision: Azar Medical Clinic’s primary vision is providing exceptional health care and medical services to its patients.

Mission: Azar Medical Clinic’s approach to health care is a proactive concept that aims to address current health care issues with an eye toward prevention and long-term quality of life. The mission is to deliver an outstanding medical care to patients through high practice standards and compassionate attention

Values:  Integrity, professionalism, respect, accountability.