New Patient

We are pleased to inform you that we are ready to accept your request in becoming your family doctor. At this stage we would like to ask you to review the below rules that are applying to our clinic.

Please know that we are a strong believer in Patient-physician relationship in a close and professional manner.  In order to provide you with an ongoing high quality health and medical care we need to rely on mutual respect and communication efforts. Please read the below carefully:
a)     Please arrive 5 minutes before your regular appointments in order to register in the administration.

b)    Please arrive 15 minutes early for your Periodic Heath exam (Previously called annual Physical) in order to fill the form. Be aware that in this appointment you will be examined head to toe, including Breast exam, Vaginal exam for female patients, Digital rectal exam, prostate and Genital exam for male patients. These exams will be done according to your age and symptoms and based on Canadian Guidelines for screening several conditions. You may decide to refuse all or any of the above exams for your own reasons. You will be asked to change into a gown for this appointment.

c)     Please arrive 15 minutes in advance for minor procedures appointment to register and to review the information and the consent form.

d)    In order to provide you with a better care, please narrow down your concerns to no more than 2 concerns a day. We may need to reschedule you for the rest of your concerns if you have several concerns.

e)      If you have a form to be filled, Please make sure to inform the receptionist in advance. This will allow us to manage the appointment time. For some lengthy forms we need a book a separate appointment.

Charges apply for some forms. Please check this with receptionist in advance.

f)     There is a late-show or No-show policy in place as below:

i.         You can call and cancel or reschedule your appointment at any time even on the same day, as log as you inform us at least 30 minutes in advance.
ii.         If you are late for 5 or more minutes for your regular appointment, your appointment might be cancelled or rescheduled based on the availability.
iii.         If you are late for 10 or more minutes for your Periodic health exam or procedure appointment, your appointment will be cancelled and rescheduled upon availability.
iv.         If you do not show for your appointment or if you are late for your appointment for 2 times or more, there will be a $30 penalty before you book your next appointment.
g)     You may call and leave message for minor inquiries with the receptionist. They will then direct you to either book an appointment for you to be seen or the doctor will call you to give you the advise.

We truly welcome your feedback and suggestions to improve our care.